so this is to ALL the people who made fun of al when we were kids. “oh look at his ears” “he ugly af” “he is dumbo” “he can hear anything with those ears”. & i would be the one right there saying he still looked good even when he wore those over sized white tees & those glasses. ohhhhhh but now since he plays college ball the same people who made fun of him wanna be on him now “mhm he look good” no no no i thought he was ugly & had big ears? don’t be fake now because he’s made it. i got his back always have & i always will so i won’t let it slide when people disrespect him. *side bar* funny how people who don’t even know him see him play ball & have nothing bad to say because he’s that daggone amazing at what he does. so they state the obvious “man he got some big ears” i just want to know what does his appearance have to do with his talent? don’t worry i’ll wait… fyi compared to when he was little his ears are small now! opps … smh some people really have nothing better to do with their lives so they talk about someone. just tell me this are you flawless? the day you don’t have an insecurity about yourself then feel free to talk about someone but since no one is perfect i suggest you keep your negative comments to yourself… good day (:
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