please wake me when i’m free i cannot bear captivity. where my culture i’m told holds no significance i’ll wither and die in ignorance but my inner eye can see a race who reigned as kings in another place. the green of trees were rich & full and every man spoke of beautiful men & women together as equals. war was gone because all was peaceful but now like a nightmare i wake to see that i live like a prisoner of poverty. please wake me when i’m free i cannot bear captivity. for i would rather be stricken blind than to live without expression of mind.

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Lay Me Down by by Sam Smith from In The Lonely Hour with 20 plays
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Unarmed Teen Killed by police in St Louis! He was suppose to start his first day of college today! #mikebrown

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They’ll show him lying in the street dead, but they can’t show him in a cap in gown graduating. R.I.P Mike Brown.
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vand-etta: Why do black people straighten their hair if non-black people can't get corn row/ box braid/ whatever you consider a "black" hairstyle


why do white people always try to make this non-point false equivalence when they know these are two completely different realities that don’t compare on any plane whatsoever

white people not only make black people hate their hair at an individual emotional level but literally at a systemic level in which black people are and have been for the last century unable to get jobs, attend colleges, enlist in the armed forces, etc. because of the treatment of their natural hair. there literally is nothing white people have to compare…

white people are not getting box braids because they feel pressured to, or out of fear that they won’t have access to a job or anything, but instead because they know it’s an “edgy black people thing” that they’re doing to be counter culture and subversive. there is literally no pressure on earth for anyone INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE to worship or utilize Black hairstyles or Black hair in its natural state and you fucking know it. It’s literally the complete opposite for white hair. grow up

white people are not gelling down baby hairs for social mobility or financial security or comfort or assimilation.

credit to black—lamb

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    12 year old Vanessa VanDyke is being threatened with expulsion from Faith Christian Academy in Orlando unless she cuts her natural hair.

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"MEN WHO GO PLACES" "WAS IT HER RESUME OR HER RELAXER?" white people don’t have ads telling them "you will not be successful in life unless you have cornrows and box braids with gelled down baby hairs" because that isn’t the case. address this in the context of reality, maybe???

LOVE this!!!!!!!! i get so annoyed at whites always stealing what’s NOT theirs to begin with. can we have ANYTHING of our own?! wearing our hairstyles because you’re trying to make it a trend is so ignorant. it’s ugly/unacceptable on us but exotic/acceptable on you? GTFOH you non culture having a.. people!

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